This is Not Rubbish (Strung)

Melbourne, Cardiff & London (2012-2014)

STRUNG performance, Central School of Speech and Drama (London)

Global environmental concerns bring with them an opportunity to rethink current practices throughout our cultural sectors. This is Not Rubbish explores the intersection between performance and ecological design practice, with emphasis on the emerging paradigm of ‘ecoscenography’ – a movement that seeks to integrate ecological principles into all stages of scenographic thinking and production. A major focus of ecoscenographic practice is the elimination of landfill waste in the production of sets and costumes. The ephemeral and highly specific nature of scenographic work means most designs are only valued for the duration of the performance season (often a matter of days or weeks) before they are discarded.

This is Not Rubbish is a project that explores the journey of a material rescued from landfill (in this case reclaimed but unused sausage netting), and its capacity to create diverse performance spaces and wearable artefacts over multiple years and continents. Transported in a small suitcase or backpack, the aim of the work is to challenge preconceptions of what we consider to be “rubbish” and our need as designers and performance makers to continuously “begin a new” in a world of increasing environmental issues and limited resources. The project is about re-thinking traditional design practices and re-interpreting materials and ideas to embrace the possibilities of ecological practice.

The first project of This is Not Rubbish is Strung, an ecoscenographic investigation that merges the boundaries between performer and designer, installation and costume, site and material. Part design demonstration and part immersive meditation, Strung aims to take the audience on a stimulating visual, aural and tactile journey that activates and celebrates the imagination. 

The first iteration of Strung was performed at the Hamer Hall in Melbourne in 2013, before travelling to World Stage Design (Cardiff) and the Royal Central School of Spech and Drama (London). After the final showing of Strung, a craft circle was set up in November 2013 at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama to knit the material into wearable art and auction the items off for charity.  The craft group knitted a diverse selection of wearable items from the reclaimed and reconstructed sausage netting to auction off it for charity. From a $30 bag of material, we raised $300 at the charity event. The money was then donated to fund a local community garden.

Click here to find more information about Strung (London): film and press

Click here to watch Strung (Melbourne): film

Project Credits:

Strung (Melbourne, 2013)

Producer: Arts Centre Melbourne (Riverside Live Program)

Concept and design: Tanja Beer

Performer: Sabrina D’Angelo

Active Scenographers: Jennifer Tran and Ryan Foote

Photos: Gisela Beer

Film: Sam Hoffmann

Strung (Cardiff, 2013)

Producer: World Stage Design

Concept and Design: Tanja Beer

Performer: Elyssia Sasaki

Active Scenographers: Garrett Levine and Donyale Werle

Photos: Mike Medaglia

Strung (London, 2013)

Producer: Collisions (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama)

Concept and Design: Tanja Beer

Performer: Christina Kapadocha

Active Scenographers: Ella Marie Fowler, Jacquie

Holland and Natalie Jackson

Sound: Harry Webber

Photos and film: Alex Blake

Thank you to: Lisa Woynarski, Peter Bingham, Susanne Page and David Lam

This is Not Rubbish Craft Circle (London, 2013/2014)

Producer: Green Week (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama)

Concept and Design: Tanja Beer

Co-facilitator: Susanne Page

Craft Circle participants: Susanne Page, Zoe White, Jolanta Klatt, Heather Ashley, Ella

Marie Fowler, Jacquie Holland and Lucy Latham

Models: Elisabeth Murphy, Christina Kapadocha and Jimmy

Photoshoot assistance: Heather Ashley, Susanne Page, Jolanta Klatt, TSD and Lynn AhrensPhotos: Alex Blake

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